Google Tag Manager is one of the most versatile tools a non-technical person can use to integrate services like: Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Cookiebot and much more!

What is Google Tag Manager?

As its name states GTM is a tag management tool, which helps you deploy snippets of code into your website. 

I will create a whole series related to how Google Tag Manager works and how you can leverage its power. Keep your eye on this page for more articles on GTM!

How to Create a Google Tag Manager Account

The steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Create Account”;
  3. Add an “Account Name” and a “Container Name”. The name does not serve a crucial role, it will help you find the account and specific container. Also, they can be changed after the setup.
  4. Select a target platform. For websites the most popular option is web. 
  5. Done! Enjoy your new Google Tag Manager Account.

Note: GTM interface has gone through quite a few changes in the last years, thus you might find different sources of information showing a changed interface. Keep in mind that mostly the esthetics have changed, the basic functionality hasn’t.

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